The Washington Post: Mr. Hagel’s stated positions on critical issues, ranging from defense spending to Iran, lag well behind Mr. Obama’s first term in office – and put him near the perimeter of the Senate, which will have to confirm him.

Wall Street Journal: Obama can do better than Mr. Hagel, for example, by choosing former deputy defense secretary Michel Flornois or possibly Colin Powell. If he does nominate Mr. Hagel, the senate will have to prevent the administration’s top security officials from being dominated by a pack of pigeons who think the world is better off with a militarily weaker America.

Columnist Bret Stevens: Prejudice, like cooking, wine tasting and other consumption, has an olfactory element. When Chuck Hagel, a former GOP Senator from Nebraska, who now holds the top spot as the next Defense Secretary, continues to talk about how “the Jewish lobby scares many people up here,” the smell is particularly ripe.

Bill Cristel: “There’s an awful lot of Democrats who tell the White House quietly what you’re doing to us,” I’m told.

ADL President Abe Foxman: “Chuck Hagel would not be the first, second or third choice for friends of the American Jewish community in Israel. His record, which refers to Israel and U.S.-Israeli relations, is at best alarming, and at worst very alarming. The sentiments he expresses about the boundaries of anti-Semitism of the Jewish lobby in the genre of Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, as well as former President Jimmy Carter”.

David Harris, Executive Director of the AJC: “The first AJC meeting with Senator Hagel that I remember was when we sought his support, in 1999, in a Senate letter to then Russian President Boris Yeltsin calling for action against growing anti-Semitism. We had failed. On June 20, 1999, we published this full-page letter in the New York Times with 99 Senate signatories. Only the name of Senator Hagel was missing. Since then, our concerns have only intensified as we have witnessed his position on some of the top U.S. national security priorities.

White House Project Founder Marie Wilson: “There is no doubt that a woman knows her business. This is Defense, an area where we have the slowest pace of women’s advancement to the highest positions. It would be a breakthrough.

Rich Lowry from National Review: “At the heart of his foreign policy is contempt for Israel and an unquenchable desire to talk to terrorists. His realism is a pastiche of fashionable views at meetings of the Council on Foreign Relations or the World Economic Forum in Davos, crystallized into ideas without any nuance or genuine thoughtfulness.

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