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What They Are Saying…

What Democrats Are Saying

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY): “I’d have to study his record…I’m not going to comment until the president makes a nomination.”

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT): “I think this will be a very tough confirmation process, I don’t how it would end, but there are reasonable questions to ask and Chuck Hagel would have to answer.”

What Republicans Are Saying

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): [H]e would actively oppose Mr. Hagel, a Republican from Nebraska, should President Barack Obama nominate him to the top Pentagon job. Mr. Cornyn predicted many members of his caucus would join him in moving to block Mr. Hagel. “Some of Sen. Hagel’s positions would either render America weaker or create ambiguity in regard to our role in maintaining security and peace,” Sen. Cornyn said. “He has taken positions I think are outside the mainstream and are atypical, even of this administration.”

What The Opinion Leaders Are Saying

The Washington Post: Mr. Hagel’s stated positions on critical issues, ranging from defense spending to Iran, fall well to the left of those pursued by Mr. Obama during his first term — and place him near the fringe of the Senate that would be asked to confirm him.

The Wall Street Journal: Mr. Obama can do better than Mr. Hagel—for example, by choosing former Defense Under Secretary Michele Flournoy, or perhaps Colin Powell. If he does nominate Mr. Hagel, the Senate will have to prevent the Administration’s senior security ranks from being dominated by a flock of doves who think the world is better off with a militarily weaker America.